If Google Was A Human [Video]
Interesting world we live in. Most of us have the answers to almost any question in our pocket via our phone. It's like we have a tiny person named 'Google' waiting to tell us everything we ever wanted to know. So what would it be like if Mr. Google had his own office, and you had to …
iPhone Pranks
Who doesn't love a good prank? We found 5 great, and harmless, pranks you can do to your friends who have iPhones. Check them out, and get pranking! By the way- you can download the typing bubble GIF here.
Online Dating: Am I Wrong?
If you've been on the dating scene in 2014, you've no doubt tried online dating. I'm noticing something that has been driving me nuts. Ladies, I'm looking at you on this one.
A Day in the Life of the Internet [Infographic]
The Internet is essential in our personal and professional lives.
Many of our daily routines exist online.
While many know the Internet is enormous, it's only when you look at the facts that you begin see how big it truly is. Ah, the Internet...

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