FINALLY! Verizon is Offering Unlimited Data!
If you're a Verizon Wireless customer than you know that feeling you get when you receive a text message saying that you've used 90% of your data. It's been a long time struggle for Verizon users not to use up all of their data. But finally, data is one less thing we ha…
Watch Ford’s First Big Game Commercial In 3 Years
Ford has been out of the big game commercial lineup for a few years now, but this year they are scheduled to come back strong with a 2 minute commercial.  The commercial features a glimpse into the future of Ford's business model.  The commercial uses comedy to set up the premise and …
HEADS UP: New Phone Scam That Could Pretty Much Fool Anyone
Police around the country are warning you to hang up immediately, if you get a call where someone asks you “Can you hear me?”
The scammers use your response of YES to then make unauthorized purchases on your phone or utility bill.
According to Officer Jo Ann Hughes with the Norfolk Police Department, …
Pooping in a Spacesuit is Just as Crappy as it Sounds
Among all the other issues astronauts have when they go to space, one of the biggest ones seems to be going to the bathroom.
When astronauts travel to space they can be stuck in their spacesuit for hours on end, sometimes days, and without gravity, using the john can be a tricky situation...
Amazon Brings 1,500 Jobs To Michigan
Good news for Michigan,Tuesday, as Amazon announced their plans to open a distribution center in Livonia, just outside of Detroit.
The opening of the distribution center will create up to 1,500 job openings in the state.
According to the Free Press,  Amazon plans to develop a former General …
Beware Of These 10 Common Holiday Scams
Tis’ the season for shopping, needing money and giving money, and scammers know it!
Each year with more of our lives going on, online, it’s becoming easier for scammers to get rich off our holiday spirit.
The Better Business Bureau recently reminded us of 10 scams to watch out for this holiday shoppin…

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