Epic (Yet Disturbing) Family Feud Answer [Video]
I've said it before and I'm going to say it again... I love game shows. Family Feud hands down has to be one of the best because it's so much fun to play along. But also, we love to watch for the answers people are going to give when asked a question...
Donald Trump Interviews Himself in the Mirror [Videos]
Presidential candidate Donald Trump was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday to discuss the presidential race, but before going on stage he had a one-on-one with "himself" in the mirror.
Jimmy Fallon does an excellent job portraying Tr…
Rainbow Brite Dolls are Making a Comeback!
If you are like me, and you were a little girl back in the '80s, chances are you had a Rainbow Brite doll (if you didn't, I feel sorry for you, but you won't have to be sad about it much longer.)
Hallmark has announced that they are releasing Rainbow Brite dolls!
Steve Harvey Plays Family Feud on “The Tonight Show” [Video]
I love game shows. I watch the Game Show Network all the time and I have plenty of favorites but I'm sure many can agree with me when I say Family Feud is one of the best. It's interactive, you can play along and Steve Harvey is hilarious! I've watched Family Feud since Richard Dawson…
New Teaser Clips for American Horror Story: Hotel [Videos]
With about a month before the new season of American Horror Story: Hotel premieres, FX has released a bunch of (freaky) teasers on their YouTube page. All the videos also have a very haunting version of "Heartbreak Hotel" playing in the background by Heidi Feek.…

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