Weird News

Human Hammerhead Breaks Guinness World Record
Boston man, John Ferraro, nailed a new world record in Italy.
Ferraro pounded 38 nails into a board with just his forehead in under two minutes. He also holds the one minute record at thirteen nails and has the world record for most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minu…
Is The ‘Michigan Triangle’ Still A Thing? [Video]
When writing about the meteor that sailed over Lake Michigan on Monday, a listener dropped me a line wondering if the meteor came down in the 'Michigan Triangle'.
I had forgotten all about our little version of the 'Bermuda Triangle', and wondered if anything lately had disappeare…
Scented Candle Smells for 12 West Michigan Cities
We love West Michigan and all of the sights, sounds and smells it brings throughout the year. Well, at least most of the smells.
What if you could take all of those smells home with you in a scented candle?
Here's what it would smell like if you could.
Michigan Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend for Not Wanting to Be Committed
I get that it can be frustrating when you have high hopes for a relationship and the other person isn't ready to commit but trying to kill your boyfriend isn't going to change his mind any time soon.
A woman from Roseville is now facing life in prison for stabbing her boyfriend nine times w…
Strange Michigan Law: No Car Sales on Sunday
How many times have you been looking for a new (or used) car and only had free time on the weekend to do so? Have you wondered why there are no car dealerships open on Sunday? Well, believe it or not, it’s against the law to sell, trade, or buy a motor vehicle on Sunday in the state of Michiga…

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