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NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settled For $765 Million
In a shocking turn of events that could have prevented many years of expensive legal fees, the NFL and roughly 4,500 former players agreed on a settlement over the brain injuries that the players suffered on the field.
Knightlines 7/12
It's time for Knightlines, celebrity info and things you need to know, so sit back, relax and catch up on the gossip...
Knightlines 7/9/13
John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, had to be rushed to a hospital in Boston and is listed in critical condition.
Meanwhile, Country artist Randy Travis was admitted to a Texas hospital Sunday for "complications of a recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy" which is a viral i…
Knightlines 7/8/13
Monty Python stars John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle and Terry Jones have lost their court battle with a producer over royalties from their hit stage show "Spamalot." Mark Forstater, who produced 1975 film "Monty Python And The Holy Grail," sued surviving memb…
Grasshopper Rocket Launch Test [Video]
I like videos of things you can't see normally. Rocket launches in slow mo is something I normally don't see. To top that, when the rocket lands itself, thats something you do not see often either.
Bird Goes All Matrix To Avoid Being Hit In Auto Race [Video]
Remember "The Matrix?" The sweet movie where Neo makes some cool slow motion moves to avoid a bullet. Well, this bird decided he could do the same this with out the effects. BURN NEO! You got beat by a bird. After all this time, who knew Neo could get beat by a pigeon.
Policeman Gets Tricked By Con Artist [Video]
So how embarrassing would it be if you are paid to catch guys pulling funny tricks like this on people and taking their belongings, yet you end up being one of those people in front of everyone you work with. Well, take a look at this video to see what trick was pulled on the cop.

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