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The Top Secret Purchases People Make
Does your significant other ever get on you for buying certain things? They think it's a waste of money but to you it isn't. But to avoid any type of confrontation you secretly buy stuff and keep hush hush about it. Just admit it. You're totally guilty of doing this at least once...
Burger King Opens a Spa In One of Its Restaurants
Whoever said you couldn't enjoy a burger in a steam room was lying.
A Burger King restaurant in Finland just opened a spa with saunas and steam rooms. Yes, in a Burger King.
TIME says that the restaurant will feature a 15-person sauna which
What Did You Learn About Your Parents Later in Life?
When you think about your parents you don't see them as ever doing anything wrong. They're parents, they're boring. Not necessarily. They can have secrets, too. They, too, have a past.
I came across this article on Newser about how these two boys found out their parents were Russian sp…
Best Husband Ever Drives 870 Miles to Get His Wife KFC
What would you do for the love of your life? Just about anything, right? (or at least you should be willing to).
This guy would and he's probably the best husband ever for what he does for his wife every year.
According to CBC, in order to keep their 15 year wedding tradition, Mike Hova…
You Meet “The One” Three Times In Your Life
Do you think you've met "the one?" The one who makes you feel all mushy and give you butterflies? Maybe you're with that person now or maybe the person that you thought was the one is the "one who got away." That's okay because anothe…
Just A Man And His Elephants
I love animals, so much so, my “life goal” is to one day have a Galápagos tortoise or two that just wander in and out of my house.
As well as a monkey
But this is just cool and proof that all kinds of animals can form an emotional bond with people...
Man Accidentally Orders a Cow While on Sleeping Pills
When you take sleeping pills it's to help you sleep, obviously, but you should also be aware of the side effects. Groggy, loopy, online shopping... wait, what?!
Metro reports that a man took sleeping pills for the first time and while under the influence he did some online shopping at …
A Driver Buckled His Beer… Instead of His Children
Click it or ticket. That's the rule when driving. This guy from Australia must of misunderstood that though.
According to Fox News Insider, a 27-year-old man was arrested for buckling his beer instead of his children!
During a traffic patrol on a highway, officers discovered that 10 people were packed…

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