Today is Earth Day! And NASA has invited everyone on the planet to celebrate along with them by taking global selfies.

It’s part of a NASA campaign called Earth Right Now celebrating the fact that this year, NASA will launch five missions into space to gather data about Earth.

NASA is asking that you take pictures that show where you are, showing off mountains, rivers, parks, and sort of landmark in your city or town. Then, just post the photo to social media sites they will be monitoring: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Flickr. Be sure to use the hashtag #GlobalSelfie. Or, you can post it to an event page that they created on Facebook.

You can also download a sign to hold up in your selfie that says where you are. The signs are available in several languages, but frankly seem a bit counter-intuitive to the whole "Earth Day" thing.

Once the photos are collected, NASA will use them to create a mosaic image of the earth.