When I think of a celebrity, my mind will land on someone I've actually heard of in the last month. Or two.  Or even the last year.

So when I heard that Donald Trump was doing another season of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, I thought it would be a pretty good cast of "celebrities." And it is. Mostly. Some of the people signed on for the show are:

Lou Ferrigno (you may remember him as the original Incredible Hulk).  Clay Aiken.  Penn Jilette. Dee Snider.  Adam Corolla.  George Takei (your parents would remember him from Star Trek).

Cheryl Tiegs.  Debbie Gibson (remember her?).  Tia Carrere.  Victoria Gotti.  Lisa Lampanelli.  Teresa Giudice.

All people most of America has actually heard of.  Or that have some current-day relevance.

But they also have Arsenio Hall.  Dayana Mendoza.  Aubrey O'Day.  Patricia Velasquez.

Really?  Who has thought of Arsenio Hall in the last five years?  The only thing I remember him for is a failed late-night talk show in the 80s.  And do you know Dayana, Aubrey or Patricia?

Maybe I'm just becoming a crotchety 30-something man (get off my lawn!) but this cast - rounded out with celebrities of questionable status - really annoyed me.

Rant.  Off.