My sister has done it ... not once, but twice!  Have you ever dumped your cell phone into the toilet while trying to flush?

If you have, you know that the phone is no longer of use and for a couple of reasons -- icky germs  and the obvious -- phones don't mid with water!

According to MSNBC, 19% of us admit to this terrible, not to mention costly act. I can think of a few other dumb things I've done over the years like leaving my cell outside in the middle of a huge rainstorm.  The cell repair guy didn't buy my story that I didn't know water was a bad thing!

I've also left my cell on the bumper of my car ... with a cup of coffee.  Although we call our cells 'mobile' they do need to have an operator managing them at all times!!

Where have you left or dropped your cell phone?  Did you have to get a new one?  How much have you spent on cell phones over the past decade??  A lot, I'm gonna assume!  Leave your comments below and share this with a friend so Channel 957 can take its own cell v. toilet poll!