March 28 is the deadline to apply for any ArtPrize entry to be displayed in the Grand River.  So if you're looking to place a 100 foot rubber ducky in the Grand River, you'd better get busy.  If not, there's still plenty to talk about.

Venue registration is open for ArtPrize.  Next month artist registration begins.  Then at the end of May artists begin to get matched with venues. We still have 6 months to go before the September 21 kickoff, but there is reason to be excited.  There will be changes this year.

ArtPrize will not reveal an overall top 25 during the first week of this year's competition.  However, they will reveal the top 25 for each of the five neighborhoods.  This is a big move.

The neighborhoods which don't receive as much foot traffic will now have equal footing for major exposure during the first week of the competition.  This will provide a needed boost.  The trick will be turning this increased exposure into increased foot traffic and increased votes.  This may still be a difficult task, but art displayed in outlying neighborhoods will stand a much better chance of cracking the top ten than it has in the past.

Art in outlying neighborhoods will be able to crack that neighborhoods top 25 with fewer votes than it takes to enter the top 25 in the busiest neighborhoods.  This is a nice advantage, but it won't matter unless the foot traffic follows.

Everyone wants to see the "top" entries, but not everyone wants to go to the busiest parts of town during ArtPrize.  These changes will provide an option for those people while giving exposure to more artists.

ArtPrize has give more people more reasons to see more art.  It's a great move.