A hot topic the last couple of days has been the story about 13-year-old Kaytlen Lopan cutting off a 3-year-old's hair at a Utah McDonald's. I mean, that is a story in and of itself, what makes this story really polarizing is the sentence handed down by a judge in Kaytlen's case. So I wanted your opinion on the matter.

Judge Scott Johansen sentenced Kaytlen to 30 days in detention and 276 hours of community service for her little barber stunt, but offered to take 150 hours off if Valerie, Kaytlen's mom, would cut Kaytlen's hair off right there in the courtroom. And she did it!

But now, Valerie is claiming that she felt intimidated by the judge, and wishes she hadn’t cut her daughter’s hair. Johansen also sentenced another girl, 11, who was involved in the crime to having her hair shorn “as short as his.” However, that little girl was allowed to have her haircut properly at a salon.

So, I decided to put this topic out there to you guys, and see what you thought of it. The phone calls that came in to the studio today were mostly in favor of the judge's ruling. Saying that hair can always grow back and that the punishment fit the crime. People on our Facebook page seem to mostly be in agreement with the callers this afternoon.


Kate Buikema said,

Absolutely. She's a bratty 13 year old kid, what better way to make her regret her actions than embarrassing her in the same way she embarrassed the little girl? I would say that serving 30 days in detention and the community service wouldn't have much of an impact on her.

Alissa Glover chimed in with,

Yes. I think it was. Hair will grow back. I doubt she was traumatized bc of it and if she was then she needs to think how that poor 3 yr old felt at McDonald's. What the heck was that 13 yr old thinking???? I would have grabbed her scissors and cut her hair right then and there. Seriously?! Ugh

And Katie Scott spoke from personal experience,

My daughter had her hair chopped off by a "friend" of hers late last year. My daughter's beautiful hair, almost down to her butt, had to be cut up to her EARS. That is devastating.

I'm GLAD that little 13 year old (btw, that is far far far into KNOWING BETTER) had her hair lopped off!!! SO GLAD!!!!! I would chop the CRAP out of the little girl's hair that cut my daughter's hair. I know she'd be upset about it and it'd teach her a lesson!! Eye for an eye.

Only a few people spoke out saying that they didn't think that the punishment was fair or fitting.

Listener Kalie Corey said simply,

Cruel and unusual punishment.

While Nadiya Sawyer chimed in with,

It's sad that she wants to be bad she deserved to have her haircut. However I do not believe in the fact that she got a haircut instead of juvie.

So, what do the rest of you think? Chime in in the comments section below, or join in the conversation on our Facebook page!