I've decided to start a new feature here on MyChannel957.com, and one that I think will prove to be a valuable service to people everywhere. Every weekday you can expect to see a new installment of "Wendy's Douche Of The Day". Today, we talk about the "man" that I find to be the douchiest (that is so a word, SpellCheck!) person on the planet - Chris Brown.

Now, normally I don't like to bring a lot of attention to Mr. Brown, but he's just a train wreck of a human being, and sometimes it's hard to avoid. Of course, we all know of the domestic violence incident Brown was involved with back in 2009 with Rihanna (his girlfriend at the time whom he has now reconciled with). But there have been more incidents of his douchebaggery since then. Not to mention, Rihanna makes this face any time he talks to her:

(Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

There was the incident in which Brown fought with Drake (who once had a fling with Rihanna) in a night club. According to reports, the fight was over Rihanna, though no one has ever confirmed or denied it, at least to my knowledge. Not only were security guards and the men themselves injured, but a few innocent bystanders became collateral damage.

And then, there's his recent run in with Frank Ocean outside of a Hollywood recording studio. Reports are saying that the issue will be closed soon, and Frank Ocean posted on his Tumblr that he has no plans to press charges against Brown, but the incident still happened! In fact, Ocean claims that he was assaulted by Chris Brown because he's gay. The DA is also claiming that Brown threatened to shoot Ocean, which is always a nice thing to say to people.

But, all of this wraps up into a ball of douchey behavior that Brown has publicly whined about be persecuted for. Officials are claiming the Brown has violated his probation in a number of ways. Here's the laundry list of potential violations:

  • Officials claim that he has not properly completed his mandated community service. In fact, they're claiming that he forged community service documents.

Brown's behavior has been so douchey, in fact, that his mother told him to "grow up" after one of the many times that he went on an epic rant on Twitter after he won a Grammy last year.

What's more, according to E!News, Brown took to his now private Instagram the other day to whine about how life isn't fair for him:

Instagram via E!News

"When am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do?" Gee, Chris, I don't know... Maybe when you start doing things that should produce a positive outcome instead of being such a supreme douchebag.

It's for all of these reasons (and many others) that Chris Brown earns the title of my inaugural "Douche Of The Day".