Christmas in July' is a common phrase, but did you know that getting all of your shopping done by the end of this month could save you big bucks??

I just came across a super interesting article at that lists five big ticket items that are on sale right now and at the lowest prices you'll see all year.

The Top 5 items to look into buying now include:

Computers - If you're in the market for a new computer for when classes start in the fall -- get one now before the Back-to-School season kicks in and prices go up.

Jewelry - This month, online retailers may drop prices by up to 48%!

Sweaters and Coats - Who thinks of staying warm when it's between 80-90 degrees outside?  You might, if you start seeing some of the sweet online deals for both items.  July is the best month to pick out your winter wardrobe.

Summer Fashions - The end of July is also a great time to shop for summer clothing to wear either right now or to save for when summer rolls around next season!

Outdoor Furniture - I just saw an amazing deal at Meijer.  For $125 you could take home four metal swivel chairs, cushions included!  They had also started slashing prices on garden gadgets and ornaments.

Now go and stock-up, already!!