Cleveland Artist, Loren Naji, will climb into his ArtPrize installation today and live there for 30 days.  Naji's installation is a giant wooden sphere and he will be living, sleeping, and eating inside of it.

The artist's exhibit is called "EMOH", which is "home" spelled backwards, and it is designed to bring awareness about homelessness in the United States.  Naji will live his day to day life inside the sphere, coming out to talk to ArtPrize patrons and to use the public restrooms in Rosa Parks Circle.

The sphere is built from remnants of torn down houses because Naji's vision is to use abandoned homes that are slated for demolition as homes for the homeless.

If you would like to vote for Loren Naji's "EMOH", his vote code will be 62624

We had the opportunity to talk with Naji this morning on the show.  Check out the interview below!

Curtis, Wendy, and Steve walked over to the exhibit after the show to take some pictures of the sphere.  We couldn't get inside, but we were able to take a few interior photos through the mesh windows Naji had installed.

And lastly, check out this interview that WZZM 13 did with the artist.