Kent County has most car/deer crashes of any county in Michigan.  Michigan has the 5th most of any state.  Here are some of West Michigan most dangerous roads, when it comes to car/deer accidents.  We also have advice on how to avoid having a car/deer crash.

Car/deer accidents are both costly and dangerous.  WZZM says:

The average cost for a car-deer crash repair is $2,100. In 2010 these crashes caused $130 million dollars in vehicle damage and claimed 10 lives.

It's impossible to completely avoid deer this time of year.  All we can do is prepare ourselves the best we can.  WZZM tells us some places to be extra careful:

Besides I-96, other danger zones for deer include Lincoln Lake Rd., the northern section of the East Beltline, and M-44.

Most of the advice on how to avoid a car/deer crash seems like common sense, but it never hurts to review.  It could be especially useful if you have a new, young driver in your house.  Check out the video for advice from WZZM.