Today we asked you to text in "what annoys you about your spouse or significant other?"  Connie, Fish and Steve all shared a few of theirs to get things started.  Connie gets annoyed when Dan runs the windshield wipers without any fluid, Fish gets annoyed when Alicia leaves her coffee cups laying around, and Steve gets annoyed at Brittainy when she loads and unloads the dishwasher incorrectly.

Here are some of the annoyances that you texted in:

  • He constantly puts bottles and recycling items left in the sink instead of putting them away in the bin 10 feet away.
  • My husband always says sorry I forgot
  • Dishwashers do come with instructions on how to load it. It’s in the owners manual. We just bought one and I had to prove it to my husband! Lol It drives me nuts that I have to prove everything to him. 99% of the time I am right!
  • I can’t stand when my fiancé doesn’t put his dishes in the dishwasher, Instead just put them in the sink which is right next to the dishwasher I don’t understand
    my wife forgets it takes time to travel places, thereby making us late everywhere. same thing with making dinner, delaying dinner time way too frequently
  • I hate when my husband has meat or something stuck in his teeth he will sit there and keep sucking it out instead of getting a toothpick or brushing it
  • My wife drives me nuts whenever she waits until I'm actually watching something on tv to have a conversation about something. Often times I'll be sitting there for three hrs or so not doing anything and have time for that but the second i pick up the remote and start paying attention low and behold. Heaven forbid i get watch my shows in peace
  • Leaving the cabinet doors open
  • Letting the dog on the bed
  • My husband leaves his “spitters” ALL over.
  • My mom hates it when my dad leaves her truck unlocked because we can't put it in our garage. Also I love you guys, and I listen to you every morning!
  • My wife drives me up the walls by starting a sentence and then pausing for which feels like eternity. Another thing she does will be on her phone and start laughing and not share. I share everything I'm laughing at.
  • My husband chews way too loudly. And knows he's doing it because he gives me that glare of oshit as soon as he sees me looking at him.
  • Probably a male thing but my husbands list of things that drives me nuts; Dirty clothes on floor right next to laundry basket. Wet towel on carpet and on floor after shower. Noises when eats. Side of bed messy with trash and papers all over...unorganized on his side of the bed. Not putting cap on toothpaste. Not putting toilet paper on roll. Not folding clothes correctly Oh and with our son. Not matching his clothes for the day or just leaves him in pajamas all day. He is 3.
  • My husband makes the most God awful noises when he brushes his teeth. Like hawking, gagging, just the most ridiculous thing you could imagine. It makes me laugh and want to punch him in the throat at the same time
  • If there is a song playing that has the same tune as a different song. My husband will sing the words of one song over the other one. It drives me insane.
  • My wife spoils me lets me buy some of the dumbest things that I don't need
  • He walks on his toes so his shoes look like they're from an elf! Drives me nuts I tell ya!!
  • After dinner, she puts the food scraps...1 inch away from the garbage disposal and does not run it. 😍
  • Never answering with yes or no. He only answers possibly or we'll see
  • Crop dusting
  • Crazy spouse thing: my hubby will burp with his mouth closed and thinks I can't hear him. Drives me nuts!!! And he doesn't day excuse me when he does it.
  • My husband drives me nuts when he leaves food chunks in the sink and doesn’t run the garbage disposal!
  • My wife is a stay-at-home mom and I work 6 days a week and I absolutely hate it when I come home and the trash is just overflowing all over the floor because it's my job as the man to take the trash out
  • Asks me where certain I dishes go even though we’ve lived in the same house for six years. Now that I’m working he also still asks me what’s for dinner when he’s at home and I’m at work
  • I swear that my husband is the slowest person I’ve ever lived with. It literally takes him 10 minutes to brush his teeth. (I’ve timed him) He takes an hour to wash a sink of dishes. He’s never had a cavity and he gets the dishes really clean, but it takes SO long.
  • My husband stuffs things wherever they fit causing more clutter and the inability to find anything 😖
  • My husband picks his nose in front of me. I try to act like I don’t care but it grosses me out. Pick your nose in private! Lol he doesn’t even care
    He sits at table drinking coffee eating toast and picking toes at same about toe jam.....disgusting......😝
  • My husband chews his nails and it drives me nuts. I see him out of the corner of my eye and it looks like he's eating himself it's so gross!
  • My hubby uses floss pics and is the noisiest and takes 30 minutes to do it
  • Shutting the lights off once you walk out of the room.
  • She lifts her leg to fart....Even when she's walking.
  • Something about my partner that bugs me - overplanning! We took a day trip to Chicago with a couple friends, and she came up with an itinerary, down to 5 minute increments. Including scheduled "free time"
  • Dear Connie and Fish, I am married...and I cannot stand that my husband thinks our house is a nudest NOT walk around the house with nothing on AND do NOT sit on the leather furniture with no pants and underwear