Ok, ok, so APPARENTLY, I'm not very good at this.

For Restaurant Week, I decided to go with Fish's wife Alicia to Gravity Taphouse Grille (because I love it!)

We had an AWESOME Girl's Lunch - BUT! Their yummy braised beef Restaurant Week special didn't start until 4pm and we were there at noon, sooooooooooooooo........


Photo by Connie

Everything I've ever had on their menu is delish, so I decided on the turkey wrap (see pic) and Alicia got a chicken sandwich with yummy buffalo sauce.... Mmmmmmmm........ They were sooooooo good.

Photo by Connie

Apparently, my pics aren't good though. I think taking food pics is an art and maybe I'm just not good at it ;O)

The boys won't stop making fun of my turkey wrap ;O(

Also, I forgot to take a pic of my dessert until it was already halfway gone, LOL. Again, I'm REALLY good at this...

Photo by Connie

Gravity is always great!  During Restaurant Week or any other week.