I've heard of some cops being unfair, but I think this is quite funny. In Akron, Ohio, a 35-year-old sheriff's deputy has been fired for ordering five jail inmates to dance to a song by Usher in exchange for privileges such as using a phone or microwave. What? This sounds like something everyone should do in order to get privileges if you're behind bars.

The Summit County sheriff fired the officer this week for mistreating inmates, acting inappropriately and having a cellphone in the jail, apparently it was used to play the music. The deputy apparently invited colleagues to watch as one inmate reportedly did the worm, while another said he did the robot to use the phone. Seems to me this is a great preventative measure for anyone to go back to jail. Investigators say the deputy admitted his mistake but said he was only trying to ease tension in the jail.

Ohio will fire cops for making people dance when they are in jail, but isn't Ohio is still one of the states with the death penalty? It's odd they talk about mistreating inmates. Not that I'm for or against it, my point is it just comes off hypocritical doesn't it?