Credit Card Roulette is back!

How to Play

At 8:20am each weekday
Kidd will announce the number(s) he is looking for FOR THE NEXT DAY’S SHOW.  *Each person can upload a photo of their credit card (showing ONLY the last four digits) to the Credit Card Roulette tab on

At 8:20 the next day
Kidd will announce 3 names of qualified entries. You will have 10 minutes to call 1-800-KIDD-LIVE. The FIRST person to call in wins. As soon as Kidd announces the names the first time, he’ll also announce the following day’s number.  If none of the announced names call in after 10 minutes, Kidd will announce 3 more names.

*You do not need to post pictures on Kidd’s facebook wall and you will not be able to enter via smart phone since the app is not supported by smart phones.