Kids having meltdowns usually aren't adorable. I'm not a parent, but I can imagine it could be rather irritating, not to mention embarrassing if you're in public. That said-- the fit 3 year old Kirsten throws to get out of helping clear the table might be the exception. Seriously, check out these acting skills!

The clip starts with Dad calmly asking the little one to take of her plate. With comic exaggeration Kirsten leads us to believe that little dish must weigh at least 300 pounds. Finally, after some of the best acting I've seen in a while, she heaves the immense burden on the counter, collapsing into tears. End scene!

Oh to be 3 years old and able to throw epic temper tantrums! I wonder if the "it's too heavy!" schtick would work when my mom asks me to help with the dishes at Thanksgiving? Sigh, maybe 25 years ago. Darn!

Do your kids have any "special moves" they use to get out of doing chores?