Actress Lindsay Lohan used to be such a cute, adorable girl and now that she' s an adult there has been nothing but real life drama involving drug and alcohol addictions to alleged stealing charges.

Her estranged dad, Michael, has also been in and out of the news for beating an uncle with his shoe (a holiday drunken spat several years ago)and now he faces misdemeanor domestic abuse charges for allegedly assaulting an ex-girlfriend.   

Lindsay Lohan has mulled over her plea deal and decided she'd rather go to trial.

The deal would have landed her behind bars for three months and on probation for three years. If she loses at trial, she could get up to three years in the big house.  A preliminary hearing begins April 22nd.

Michael Lohan has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for attacking ex-girlfriend Kate Major. Lindsay's dad claims Kate is lying and yesterday filed a police report saying she assaulted him.   If convicted, dad faces up to a year in jail.