Shoppers are disappointed while Retailers are excited about their "bottom line" sales margins the day after Black Friday, due to the slowing, if not ending of discounts and bargains the day after the busiest shopping day of the year. 

 Although the streets were full and traffic jams plentiful with shoppers today, bombarding every shopping center & mall from Traverse City to Grand Rapids , many people searching for those super deals didn't find the discounts they were expecting on Saturday due to retailers scaling back advertised bargains.  Reuters reports the same and analysts say, 

"For the retailer, the holiday season is more of a marathon than a sprint," Moody's analyst Scott Tuhy told Reuters. "We still have 28 shopping days to Christmas."

"As retailers seek to keep momentum going, obviously you can't do yesterday (Black Friday) day after day for 28 days."

What used to be the kick off to the busiest shopping weekend (Black Friday), the weekend after Thanksgiving is now limited to just Friday.  Even though the "Black Friday" bargins may be over, with the internet shopping craze comes "Cyber Monday" says analysts who spoke with Reuters,

"Wall Street Strategies analyst Brian Sozzi said fewer discounts on Saturday are part of a plan, with retailers likely to ramp up promotions again in two days for the so-called "Cyber Monday," which is geared toward online shoppers."

Personaly, I would much rather shop from the comfort of my sofa, in my livingroom, in my snuggie and sipping on a latte, opposed to getting dressed for the weather, curbing my explosive roadrage in traffic, fighting for a parking spot, pushing & shoving through isles, fighting for the last touch-screen mp3 player on the shelf and the challenge of checking out at the quarter mile line at one of the three available checkouts. 

Websites such as sounds rather appealing to me.  Great deals without the hassel, but the before mentioned site also boasts,

"10% of all the proceeds earned this year from sales on Cybermonday deals will be donated to our selected charities to help those who are less fortunate this holiday season."

Although I never used that website to shop, nor am I paid or offered anything for mentioning that website, the point is, how can you go wrong?  I get to save gas, damage to my car doors & fenders from frantic people who seem to absolutely loose their minds AND I don't even have to get dressed.  RIGHT ON!  I'm all about that!

Tell me about YOUR "Black Friday" experience this 2010 shopping season, whether good OR bad.  The great deal or the headache you got.  Were you one of those up at 2:30 in the morning showering to get to the "doors open at..." stampeade?  Heck, did you get trampled yourself?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!