Groundhog Day is THIS SUNDAY!

So, I thought I would write dear old Punxsutawney Phil a letter from myself (and probably the rest of us).

Dearest Punxsutawney Phil,

Here in Michigan (and all over the U.S., really) we have been survivors of this extremely harsh winter. It started allllll the way back a few months ago and it seems like there have been few days in which I've walked out to my car in the morning and haven't had to clear it off.

Even when I get done with work the madness isn't over. Most of the time at work I'm also left to clear my car once I want to go home for the day. It just hasn't stopped.

It seems everywhere in the U.S. we have been suffering; even FLORIDA got snow. FLORIDA!

Now dear Phil, I'm not asking for much.

Would I love it to be 70 degrees in February? Absolutely.

However, I know that is asking a lot.

Now, 40 degrees I feel is doable. Even just a teeny bit above freezing is doable.

I'd like to be able to drive to work on a clear road. In order for that to happen the high can't be 5. The low can't be 5.

Phil, whatever you have to do to make it spring; please do that thing.

Love <3