Detroit native Veronika Scott has developed an amazing new coat, and is helping the homeless not only stay warm, but also giving them a way to get off the streets. She's created a coat that converts to a sleeping bag, and an over the shoulder bag, for the homeless. And she hires homeless people to help make them!

In college, she was challenged to create a product that would fill a need in her community, and she immediately thought about how to help out the homeless in Detroit. She designed a coat that could be unfolded into a sleeping bag, and then into an over the shoulder bag when not needed. Check out the video above to see how it works.

But this was just the first step.

While researching her new coat, she was confronted by a homeless woman who told Veronika she didn't new coat, she needed a job. This was the missing piece Veronika need to form The Empowerment Plan.

The Empowerment Plan is a non-profit organization that hires the homeless to learn the skill of sewing and making the coats, and helping them transition from homelessness!

You can help out, too! There's a page on the site for donations, where you can not only sponsor a coat for a homeless person, but you can also buy a seamstress toolbox for someone to help get them started on the transition from homelessness, help purchase the materials to make a coat, contribute to helping them get GEDs, childcare, transportation, and more!

This would be a pretty cool Christmas gift, too, making a donation to help someone out over the holidays!