The American League lost Major League Baseball's All-Star game 5-1 Tuesday night, but Detroit Tigers fans like me are not worried about the loss.  It's Miguel Cabrera's injury that has us worried. explains Cabrera's injury:

The Tigers first baseman and dangerous slugger left Tuesday's game after two innings with mild soreness in his right side.

By all appearances, there was no particular play on which Cabrera appeared injured, but the precautionary move was made.

The injury may not be serious, as both players and managers are always extra cautious at All-Star games, but it is still reason to be concerned for Tigers fans.  Cabrera has played in every game this season for Detroit and has started in all but one of them.  Hopefully he will be in the line-up when the Tigers resume play against the White Sox on Friday.

How did the Tigers do at the All-Star Game?

Miguel Cabrera - 0-1

Alex Avila - 0-2

Jhonny Peralta - 0-2

Jose Valverde and Justin Verlander did not play.