The Detroit Tigers begin their playoff run tonight.

It's been 27 years since the Tigers won the World Series.  Let's hope this postseason has more in common with 1984 than it does with 2006.

There are a few differences.

Instead of Jack Morris...there's Justin Verlander.

Instead of Willie Hernandez...there's Jose Valverde.

Instead of hot dogs and peanuts...there's hot dogs, peanuts, pizza, nachos, tacos, chicken wings, hummus, and dozens of other ways to spend your money.

I've got a good feeling about this year.  Tigers over Phillies in 7 games, first up, the Yankees.

Here's the schedule for the Tigers' opening series against the Yankees.

  • Game 1, Friday, 9/30 - Detroit at New York at 8:37pm, suspended because of rain, resumes at 8:30pm on 10/1
  • Game 2, Sunday, 10/2 - Detroit at New York at 3:00pm (moved from Saturday to Sunday after Friday's rain)
  • Game 3, Monday, 10/3  - New York at Detroit at 8:30pm
  • Game 4, Tuesday, 10/4 - New York at Detroit (if necessary, time to be determined)
  • Game 5, Thursday, 10/6 - Detroit at New York (if necessary, time to be determined)