Losing stinks, but sometimes winning can stink too.

The Detroit Tigers put together a 12-game winning streak at a critical time of the season.  At some point during the winning streak Tigers manager Jim Leyland decided he would not change his underwear until they lost.  The Tigers lost last night.  Leyland can finally change his underwear.

Before yesterday's game Leyland announced:

I will wear these underwear until we lose.  I can tell you that right now. And they will not be washed. And I don't give a #%*! who knows it.

He was also wearing the same socks (with giant holes in them) and warned the clubhouse manager to not throw them out.  Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon wasn't changing his underwear either.

After the Tigers lost last night, Leyland said:

This is kind of one of those good news/bad news games.  The bad news is we lost. The good news is I can change my underwear.  It'll be wonderful.  It'll be a celebration.

I hope you weren't eating when you read this story.