An eagle's nest cam allows viewers to have a ppek at some precious baby eagles tucked away in a forest near the Platte River in Michigan's Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore.

But what the hell was that walking under the nest on the trail far below?

As you watch the baby birds chirp and ask mom to bring them some regurgiated worms or whatever baby eagles eat, a lone figure passes on the trail below. While I'm a doubter that bigfoot or Sasquatch, I am a big believer in pranks played out in a well thought out manner.

Clearly someone knew that the angle of the camera gave a great glimpse of the trail below, bought themselves a bigfoot costume and a legend is born. I love how the alleged 'bigfoot' forages only in the path covered by the camera.

"Like most videos purported to be Bigfoot, it's grainy and out of focus — of course, the camera wasn't set up to be focused on the ground; it was focused on the nest," Ed Eisch, DNR Fish Production manager for the state and the Platte River hatchery recently told WZZM-13 News.

FYI -- The footage was shot in May by CloverTV who ran the cam when the eagles were babies, they have since have flown the coop to Philadelphia. But if you like watching wild clover grow in an abandoned eagle's nest, you can do so here. 

This will keep the population of Beulah a twitter for months.