Uh oh! Looks like the Kimye duo is starting to hit a rocky patch!

Rumors began to fly a few weeks ago that Kim was only using Kanye as a baby daddy and then she was going to dump him once the baby was born. Now, information is surfacing that Kanye might not be interested in the relationship either.

A 24 year old model named Leyla Ghobadi said that she and Kanye hooked up last year. Supposedly, she was at one of his shows in Atlantic City in the month of July. He spotted her dancing and had one of his people bring her back stage.

Kim was at the show too, watching from a VIP box. Why didn't she go backstage after the show?

Leyla said that she refused Kanye at first however, he persisted through the next day and she said that they hooked up the day after the show.

She said that Kanye tried to get in touch with her again in October however, Leyla supposedly refused because of Kim's pregnancy.

The whole seems a little fishy if you ask us. It seems a little weird that Kim and Kanye wouldn't meet up after a show so far from home.

You can check out pics of Leyla as well as read her story here.