This almost makes me sick to my stomach.

Remember when being bullied, picked on or being called ugly at school meant it ONLY happened at school? Then, you could (mostly) forget it when you went home? Now kids have Facebook where others taunt and harass them, write nasty things and call them ugly.

The latest trend for esteem-challenged tweens and teens is to post a video on You Tube and ask "Am I Ugly?" (See the videos below.)

One of these videos has over 14,000 views; it got a bunch of responses, ranging from pretty nasty to relatively wise. Another asked people to comment whether they thought she was pretty or ugly, saying "I don't care if I'm ugly or not." The girl who posted is black and she received some pretty disgusting comments.

This new trend is either an attempt to gain validation from people they don't know, or a way to feign apathy toward those who would put them down. Either way, it makes me wonder how many more kids will kill themselves because of the cruel, nasty words of society.

It'd be nice if "civilization" were to finally become civilized again, wouldn't it?