With the North American International Auto Show going on in Detroit, let's talk cars! Chances are, you have a name for yours...

I thought this was something only my family did, but clearly I'm wrong. A recent consumer survey from DMEautomotive found that 1 out of every 5 people have a name for their car. What's more interesting is the top vehicle names all start with a "B."


Women and young car owners are most likely to name, and assign a gender to their car.

Here's the cool thing. The old cliche` is that men have a passionate bond with their car, and that women just use it to get from point A to point B. This survey suggests that women, and millennials (who were thought to be less passionate) are just as passionate about their cars as men.

So what do you call your car? I named my 2003 Tahoe "The Green Machine," she got me from Idaho to Ohio multiple times (I don't fly), and I've laid down some pretty solid tracks on I-75 from Petoskey to Toledo. A very proud 145,000 miles on her!


We opened up the phones and Channel 95-7 Facebook page yesterday for our own survey, here are some of the names people in West Michigan have for their cars.