Believe it or not due to the structure of your face you might just suffer from "bitchy resting face"!

Do people ever tell you to smile? Or, maybe they ask why you're feeling down or grouchy when you aren't. Well, then it's probable that you suffer from this new "syndrome" called "bitchy resting face".

Unfortunately, some of us just have a face structure that tends to bring our muscles lower than others. Making our face appear angry, sad or pissed. This leads other to think that we're in a pissy mood when we are actually just fine.

So, this explains Kristen Stewart always looking angry!

Doctors who did a study on it say the only way to prevent it is to train your face to smile. Whenever you think about it really relax your face and try to perk your lips a tiny bit. Eventually you will train yourself to not have such a grouchy grimace.