A new bill was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives that seeks to outlaw the use of hand-held cellphones while driving.  Currently it is illegal to text and drive, but you can still talk on the phone while driving.

The distinction of "texting" versus a complete ban would mean that the police would have a much easier time enforcing the law.  When an officer pulls someone over now for texting and driving, a driver can actually fight the ticket with the defense that they were on Facebook.  It is only illegal to text and drive.  Really?

Auburn Hills Police Chief, Doreen Olko, spoke to the Detroit Free Press and stated that they were simply trying to change the law the something they can enforce.

The bill, HB 4466, was introduced on March 30, 2017 by Representative Martin Howrylak of Troy, MI.  HB 4466 will essentially outlaw the use of a hand-held phone in your car.  If you have a hands free device, you would still be permitted to use it.

The bill has not been voted on yet, but lawmakers hope it will be soon.  You can follow its progress here.

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