This should make you feel a little better about yourself the next time you talk to your dog, because it does for me.

New research from Hungary found that dogs understand words and tone. Previous research has proven that dogs can identify words but this new study shows that dogs are more like humans.

They process language using the same regions of the brain as people, according to the researchers..."

13 family dogs had their brain activity measured via a certain type of MRI scanner as a dog trainer used certain words with them. These words included common ones used by the dogs' owners and neutral words, such as "if."

The results found that EACH dog heard EACH word and their tones. The dogs used the left hemisphere of the brain, just like people, to process these words. They also used the right part of the brain to process tone and emotion... again, just like people.

Furthermore, dogs responded to praise when both the words and emotion matched positively. Even if you used a meaningless word in an excited manner, the dog still won't respond.

Not a dog lover? (What's wrong with you?) Scientists say these findings most likely apply to cats and other domesticated animals, but not as much as dogs.

So if this is the case, and dogs do understand what we're saying, why do they choose to continue to pee in the house?!

SOURCE: Washington Post