What kid hasn't asked to sleep in the same bed as his or her parents?  Especially when there's a thunderstorm moving overhead or if it's simply too dark for comfort??

Thoughout the ages, parents have had to make the personal decision of whether or not it is healthy to allow this activity become a habit and now a new study says it’s 'okay!'

Bed sharing has always been a topic of disagreement among parenting experts:  some endorse the practice, while others say it’s a bad idea.

Research published in Pediatric magazine tracked 944 low-income parent-toddler pairs from the ages of one-to-five, asking parents about sleeping arrangements, and testing the tots along the way. After analyzing the results, it was found that bed-sharing didn’t result in any behavioral or  cognitive problems in the youngsters.

However, this doesn’t give parents the green light to sleep with children who are less than a year old.  Previous studies have linked bed-sharing during infancy to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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