Yeah, that headline seems somewhat inflammatory toward dogs. I couldn't come up with any short way to write "if a TV anchor doesn't know how to handle dogs, she shouldn't have put her face in the dog's face, then she wouldn't have been bitten." Plus that wouldn't have fit very well into the "title" thingy these websites use.

If you don't like dogs or don't know how to act around them, you may think it's the fault of this dog.
If you do like dogs and know how to act around them, you will say the dog was on edge and in a very unfamiliar situation, gave a warning sign and defended what was interpreted as aggressive behavior.

I fall into the latter camp. Anyone with half a brain should know that putting your face right into the face of a dog who doesn't know you is a recipe for being bitten.

Many times we say "don't blame the bad dog, blame the bad owner." In this case, don't blame the dog, blame the anchor. Calls for the dog to be put to sleep are ridiculous.

Think of it this way. If a strange person touched you or put their face directly in yours, what would you do? Yeah, I thought so. The dog did what came naturally. This one's all on the human.