I love dogs. In fact, if I could have a house full of dogs, I totally would (except I don't want to end up on the show "Animal Hoarders"). But, sometimes dogs do bad things. They go to the bathroom in the house, they chew your favorite pair of shoes, they get into the trash. You name it, dogs do it. And, they don't necessarily know that they are doing something wrong. Well now, in addition to scolding your pet, you can also publicly shame them thanks to one of my new favorite websites "DogShaming".Here are some of my favorites dog-shaming moments.

He doesn't even look like he feels bad about the mouse-icide. Not one bit.



Well, that isn't very nice at all. I'm sure the little girl would have shared if you had asked nicely.



That isn't something you should be shamed for. Honest mistake. But still kind of funny.



Well, that's just not nice. And really gross.

Visit the official dog-shaming website for more awesome pictures like the ones above. What is your favorite dog-shaming photo?