Researchers have made dog years more accurate. 


Researchers at the University of Georgia have thrown out the rule book on seven dog years equaling one year. They made it even more confusing. Smaller dogs actually age faster than medium or big dogs until they're two years old. Once they hit two years old, big dogs age faster. So a two-year-old small dog and a three-year-old big dog are both 25 years old. Makes sense, right? If it doesn't, here are some more specific facts.

  • For SMALL dogs, their first two years are both 12.5 dog years.
  • For MEDIUM dogs, their first two years are both 10.5 dog years. 
  • For BIG dogs, their first two years are both nine dog years.

Each year after the first two, the dog years differ by breed. For example, Dachshunds age 4.32 dog years, Labrador Retrievers age 5.74 dog years, and German Shepherds age 7.84 dog years.