There's nothing better for the holiday season than a nice warm pizza delivered by none other than Santa's sleigh-pullers themselves. A chain of the popular pizza company, Domino's, is exploring the idea of having reindeer deliver their pizzas this Christmas.  Domino's said it is testing an unusual solution to winter weather difficulties. The franchise described the solution as having GPS tracking reindeer with pizza warmers strapped to their backs travel the streets to bring pizzas to customers.

The reindeer are currently being trained on the grounds of a driving school. They are getting used to having the warmers on their backs and walking a course unaccompanied by people. Domino's explained that the reindeer will deliver the pizzas on their own and will be tracked during every delivery via GPS.

As great of an idea as this is, it still has some kinks to work out. The company is working out how to keep the warmers secured on the backs of the reindeer and making sure they don't loose any pizzas on the journey. The main concern is preventing the animals from wandering into the busy roads and ensuring the safety of those who happen to approach the deer.

Domino's in Japan recently uploaded a video showing their idea and all the troubles they're working out. It is in Japanese but is a good watch.