Grand Rapids high schools West Catholic and Catholic Central are hosting a blood drive with Michigan Blood Bank on Tuesday, August 30.  The blood drive will also serve as a fund raiser.  For each person who donates or tries to donate blood, Michigan Blood Bank will donate $10 to help provide clean water in Haiti.

The blood drive is Tuesday, August 30 from 3:00pm - 8:00pm.  It will take place at Walker Fire Station #3 on 3 Mile Road NW in Grand Rapids.

Money raised will help Haitian school children get clean water through a water purification system.

WZZM says:

Each Seguin student will also be given a water bottle that can be filled when they arrive for school in the morning and filled for the walk home.

Water in Seguin is not safe to drink unless it has been purified and this project will help these children live longer and be healthier.

This blood drive provides an excellent opportunity to help two causes at once by doubling as a fundraiser.