Some friends pulled a prank together to try to teach their friend a lesson.


So, according to the video the friend has had some trouble with drinking and the law. He's had five DUI's and that hasn't stopped him from drinking and then driving. He had been drinking and calls up a friend to say that he's about to pass out in his truck. The friends then come and get him and put him in this "fake" hospital room.

When the guy finally comes to they're able to convince him that it's been 10 years since the "accident" with his drinking.

The end is a little strange. One friend comes in dressed as a doctor and just begins to test his reflexes when he decides to slap him in the face. The whole thing turns into a weird slap fight and the guy takes it ask a joke. When the friend tries to tell him it was supposed to teach him a lesson he kind of chuckles.

Hopefully he got it after the fact.