I've long wondered about the phenomenon that is pajama jeans. I mean, I get the idea behind them. Comfort AND style, right? Wrong. I find something inherently wrong with pants that you can sleep in that you also think are acceptable to wear in public. Or to work. I mean, I've been known to run to the gas station on Sunday morning in my zebra-print PJ pants, but I know that it's not fashionable, and I'm in no way trying to pawn them off on the general public as being acceptable to wear to work, or school, or a family function.

Pajama jeans, on the other hand, are almost as bad as wearing leggings as pants. You're out there, walking around, thinking "damn, I look good! I'm also comfortable and no one even realizes that these aren't actually pants!" News flash: Yes, we do.

Right before Christmas, a company started manufacturing pajama jeans for men, which both Janna and I found completely ridiculous. (But hey, they come in two different, equally terrible, styles!)

And now, a company called Betabrand has started selling Dress Pant Sweatpants (made exclusively for men at this point). They're $90 a pop, and on their website I learned a couple of things. First, they say that the pants provide "boardroom style, bedroom comfort". Second, apparently people really like them, because they've sold out of them. Yup, sold out. Of dress pant sweatpants. For real.

Of course, these are manufactured by the same company that makes Disco Pants ("At Last, Light Dispersing Pants!"), Cordarounds ("Finally! Horizontal Corduroy! Aerodynamic! Swish Free!"), and Japants ("Tokyo Style, American Fit!").