Oh Jim Bob and Michelle... When will it end?

The Duggars, from TLC's "19 Kids and Counting", announced today that they're expecting their 20th child. (Pretty soon they're going to run out of names that start with the letter "J".)

Michelle, who is now 45, told People magazine,

We are so excited! I feel good. I am past the sickness stage now.

The Arkansas couple are the parents of (wait for it):

Joshua, 23 (who is married to Anna, 23 and has two children, Mackynzie, 2 and Michael, 4 months), twins Jana and John-David, 21; Jill, 20; Jessa, 19; Jinger, 17; Joseph, 16; Josiah, 15; Joy-Anna, 14; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 12; Jason, 11; James, 10; Justin, 8; Jackson, 7; Johanna, 6; Jennifer, 4; and Jordyn, 3, and Josie, 2.

Michelle's pregnancy with Josie was a complicated one, as she was diagnosed with preeclampsia when she was only 25 weeks pregnant. Josie was born weighing only 1 lb., 6oz.

Michelle is under the care of a high-risk pregnancy doctor and is being very cautious about what she does and eats.

The one thing that makes this pregnancy different than all of the others? They've planned a Cesarian for baby number 20!