I've never been a "Dancing with the Stars" fan, but I might just have to start if Elizabeth Berkley keeps going all Jessica Spano on us. Oh yeah,  I nerd way out over "Saved By the Bell"-- and on Monday's DWTS episode, Berkley and her partner Val began their dance by re-enacting possibly the most famous scene from that spectacular 90's show... The “I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!” caffeine pill breakdown! Check out it out after the jump.


"I need them, Val, I need them to jive!!" Haha! It's just wonderful. I mean, Val is no Zack Morris, but I'll take it. And at least AC Slater makes a cameo!

What the heck, let's just go ahead and watch that original, epic scene from "Saved By the Bell", you know you want to. And here's to hoping Berkley does some sort of  SBTB re-enactment each week!