If you're an early Millennial or Generation Y (born in the early '80s), like myself, you grew up with this guy.

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'Good comedy bypasses the intellect and touches us where we're most human.'

Harold Ramis 1944-2014


This is about as random as it gets with emotion. We've lost a lot of great talent in the last few years: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Walker, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger; the list goes on and on.

Yesterday on the show we talked about those celeb deaths that really hit you like a punch in the stomach. Those names listed above were just a few that were mentioned.

As odd as it might sound, and it even surprised me, the death of Harold Ramis was the first celeb death that really got to me.

Besides me being kind of a weird guy, it has more to do with the characters Harold Ramis played, Egon in 'Ghostbusters' for example, were always there as I grew up. I can remember on a lazy Sunday afternoon dad would be flipping around and come across 'Stripes' or 'Animal House.' Seems like his movies were always on somewhere in the cable TV lineup. This would be back when having 40 channels was swanky. Still today, if you're channel surfing, chances are you'll stop on one of his movies. You could say those early 80's movies were my generation's first connection to hollywood.

He was also a HUGE part of my favorite show, 'The Office.' He really created a type of humor in his work that we all have become extremely familiar with. Chances are if you laughed at it in the last 30 years Harold Ramis had something to do with it.

Check out the video above from 1983 when he sat with David Letterman on 'Late Night.' Great interview from a great guy.

Here's what you guys had to say when asked what celeb passing hit you hard: