Go Green! Go White!  And Sparty On, Fellow Spartans!  Michigan State University's home of East Lansing, Michigan was named 2016's 2nd best college town in America by WalletHub.

College towns across the United States were ranked based on a methodology that WalletHub created by measuring each city's "WalletFitness" rank, "Social Environment" rank and their "Academic & Economic Opportunities" rank.

In addition to East Lansing ranking second, University of Michigan's Ann Arbor home was also in the top 10, ranking seventh on the list.  No other Michigan schools made it into the top 25 college towns, but Detroit did show up in the survey.  WalletHub determined that Detroit was tied for first place in....  the "Lowest Quality of Higher Education"!  (Did you really think that Detroit would be first in anything positive regarding education?)

So for the first time all year, Spartan fans can say that they beat U of M at something.