Today marks Facebook's 10th birthday (can you believe it?). While I'm sure that the folks at Facebook are celebrating their own birthday, they're also giving users a chance to look back at everything they've done on Facebook in a fun new way. You can simply click a link, and Facebook will generate a fantastic little video for you showing you what's gone on in your life in the years since you started Facebook.

For me, I apparently joined Facebook in 2006 and some of the first photos I posted were ones of my family's cabin up north and a selfie of myself and my friend Jason from back home. My most liked posts (which the video will also show you) were compilation of things - there was a newspaper article written about my grandparents on their 60th wedding anniversary, a photo of my co-worker and his wife from their first dance at their wedding this past September, and an award I won at work.

It really is a cool way to look back at the way that you've used Facebook throughout the years.

What did your video show you?