Visiting my parents for Christmas, I saw church sign in my small town that hit home: "Honk if you love Jesus... Text while driving if you want to meet him." Texting and driving is dangerous... I know that, but even I will admit to the occasional quick text at a red light, or while stuck in traffic. But really, I should quit it-- what is so that important that I can't wait until I get to my destination? It's a terrible habit I need to break.

Another thing I think is not  OK while driving? Posting on facebook!

This week I saw this post from one of my friends: "The guy in front of me just hit the curb 3 times... drink much?" To which I thought, "Right? Wait, that means YOU are facebooking while driving!" I appreciated it when someone commented, "The guy in front of you is thinking 'wow, I'm so distracted by the girl driving and facebooking behind me that I just hit the curb 3 times!'

Aren't there times when we can and should take a break from social media and the need to constantly be connected? Like say, when driving?

I'm not trying to be on a soap box--  there's plenty of stuff I probably shouldn't do while driving-- like apply mascara or dig through my purse for lip gloss.  In fact, I'll be honest and go ahead tell you that when I was 16 I crashed into the back of my friend because I was singing Ludacris'  "What's Your Fantasy?" into my rear view mirror... Lessons learned: I'm not that great of a rapper and I should shut up and watch the road.

I just think we could all do a lot to be better, more courteous and focused drivers, and that includes holding off on the facebooking.

What status update could be that important that you need to post it while driving? I mean, let's be honest,  mostly we're posting inane details about our lives that very few care about.  What's the difference between "Almost to Lansing but I gotta pee so bad!" and  "Made it to Lansing, nearly peed myself!" ? Well, the difference is that you did not crash into oncoming traffic posting the latter.

What do you think? Am I being harsh here, or do you agree that facebooking and driving is a definite no-no?