If you don't know this about me by now ... you will soon find out that I am sports challenged!  But, I can appreciate everyone else's talent and success.

Following the Fennville basketball team and Wes Leonard's family since he fatally collapsed of a heart attack last week has been bitterSweet with a capital 'S'.  Sweet because I have witnessed a loving community lift up Wes' family, friends and teammates.  People from all over have driven for miles, to attend both the boys first and second games, to cheer them on to victory.

Last night, Fennville advanced to the district final on Friday and several players are shining like never before!  Click here to watch this awesome story unfold.

Another stellar example of someone who has poured out his heart to show support for Wes and his family is this teen who wrote and performed a song at the fallen basketball star's funeral on Wednesday.