For me, and hopefully for you, it has been really neat to see the Fennville community, as well as surrounding communities come together and lift up the Leonard family after Wes unexpectedly died after throwing the winning shot to advance his team to the play-offs on March 3rd.

It's far reaching how many people I have since met who also either knew Wes or his family -- and how much they're all respected and loved.  This is good for America to see as ESPN follows this small town team rally to also advance to regional action tonight at Vicksburg High School Gametime is 5p.m. and you can read more about Friday's victory, here.

One final thought ... I have seen victory in the midst of a great loss as the broken concept of pursuing self-interests has been put in its place to make a whole.  A whole community, a whole family ... a whole team.  What a blessed outcome, don't you think?